At the conclusion of a cross country expedition on a matte black vintage motorcycle over three continents, a myriad of languages, food one could not even imagine and sights only seen by a handful of men, Jacob Holston sat atop of a mountain overlooking the Serengeti and examined his life. 

A modern day explorer he possesses the attributes of a gentleman: worldly, educated, courageous and sophisticated, polite, yet not a pushover, can handle a drink but will not get drunk, can control his temper but will not back down from a fight, a lover, and an admirer of the beauty in life and in everyone. 

It is with these attributes in mind that he sought to create not just a men’s clothing line, but a lifestyle brought to life by these very clothes. 

Inspired by his journeys and adventures throughout the world, the line Jacob Holston was created as an extension of himself and the very things he sees, loves and admires:  amazing architecture, motorcycles, cars, formula one racing, a beautiful woman, a gorgeous beach anywhere in the world, fine food, a well-deserved cigar, and a finely aged scotch among other things. 

To this day the collection maintains these basic ideals while always being inspired by the very travels that created the line in the first place.  These travels, thoughts, ideas and pictures can be found in this very site and are carefully documented by historians, men, women, children and even some household pets. 

It has been said that there is a little bit of Jacob Holston in each of us, it is simply up to us to look deep into our souls and bring it out. 

© 2017 Jacob Holston